July 24, 2013

Review of “How to Write an Essay”

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How to Write an EssayHow to Write an Essay by Scribendi.com is such a helpful book for writing an excellent essay. It gives practical tips on writing a quality essay in a short amount of time. It is a good teaching tool for writing an essay now and in the future. The tips will allow you to write an essay immediately and will stay with you forever. The tips are so helpful. Some are refreshers, but most are innovative; all are spot-on for writing a winning essay.

The essay writing tips are geared for new college students, but anyone who struggles with writing an essay can benefit from the suggestions in this book. The book is well-written and organized so that you can write an essay from scratch. Five steps to writing an essay are explained in this book. The steps are simple and logical, so that anyone can apply them. The steps involve: getting instructions, researching, organizing, writing, and revising. The steps are explained thoroughly, so that you can write a superb essay, and there are also time-saving tips if you are short on time. The information provided is designed to help you earn an “A” on your essay.

In addition to the five steps of essay writing, there is a bonus section on how to make your essay stand out. This section gives tips on improving your writing technique so that your teacher will favor your essay amongst all the other students’ essays, so that your essay will earn a better grade and you’ll be at the top of your class.

How to Write an Essay is such an invaluable resource that is worth your time reading. It is a concise book that you can read in one sitting, but it’s jam-packed with priceless insight. The tips and techniques in this book will allow you to write an excellent essay in a short amount of time. This book will save you time on essay writing, and you’ll earn great grades to boot.

It’s definitely worth the read, and I highly recommend it. If you need to write an essay, you should pick up your copy now, which you can get here.


June 23, 2012

Review of “Chasing Superwoman”

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Chasing Superwoman by Susan M. DiMickele is a fun, lighthearted book about the author’s life as a working – and religious – mom. Even though it is an easy-going read, she does uncover deep issues in an honest manner.

The book begins with an introduction and a first chapter that introduce the author to her readers, and covers what it means for her to try to be superwoman. Following are chapters on working as a lawyer, life as a mother, daily duties, involvement with school, participation in church, shopping experiences, family role models, and food. Then she discusses more deeper issues, such as: lack of relaxation, contentment, and time, as well as her role as a good mother, and what chasing superwoman is like.

I recommend this book to moms, working women, and readers who wish for a cheerful and realistic read that will make them laugh and think. DiMickele does a wonderful job at capturing her readers’ attentions by moving at a quick pace and providing lots of action. You will be happy you took the time to read this book.

You can get your own copy here. I hope you enjoy the book!