August 13, 2012

A Very Busy Time

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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m not reading a book right now! Actually, I’m taking a reading hiatus until Freelance Writing Guide is published and maybe until after my blog tour. I have a lot of work to do (edit the last five chapters, design a cover, format for the different epublishers, submit my book and author information, upload correctly, write a press release, create a blog tour banner) and I want to meet my goals of having the book finished by August 16th and ready to send to my blog tour participants on August 22nd.

Then there is the blog tour (September 1-22) in which I need to have the interviews and guest posts done before each of the participants’ scheduled post dates (I’m going to get most of that done between August 23rd and the 31st when the participants will be reading my book and before the tour starts). So I’ll be answering a lot of interview questions, writing guest posts, and keeping the blog tour running smoothly. It’s a very busy time for me, but I’m enjoying it! It’s really exciting and fun to be part of the publishing process and blog tour. At least right now, since everything is under control ;)

I will continue to keep you all posted on the publication of Freelance Writing Guide and my blog tour.

July 30, 2012

Book Blogs and Publication

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I recently joined Book Blogs – an interactive, lively community for bloggers and authors. On the website, bloggers get the benefit of promoting their blogs, gaining followers to their blogs, and finding authors to host on their blogs. Mostly, the bloggers have “book blogs,” which means they publish book reviews, giveaways, and author interviews on their blogs. While, authors can promote their books and find bloggers to host them. During my short time there so far, I have been using the website for both purposes, since my blog is part book blog and I’m an author.

I have also been organizing my blog tour. Getting a blog tour together is a lot of work! I have found a few people that will be reviewing my book (thank you!); plus others that will be reviewing my other books, which is wonderful. I am still waiting to hear back from other bloggers I have contacted about my September blog tour, so I’m hoping for more opportunities. If you would like to host me on your blog in September, I can provide a complementary ebook copy of my book, Freelance Writing Guide, for a review or an interview. I’m really looking forward to the blog tour and the publication of my book.

In fact, I will be starting the second (and final) revision this week. It looks like mid-August is when I’ll be creating the cover and formatting the book for publication in various formats. It will be available in paperback and ebook from Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and Smashwords (who also distributes to various retailers). The ebook will be available before the paperback, since I have to approve the paperback’s proof copy, which Lulu will be sending to me to review (and as you may know, shipping a product takes some time compared to electronic transactions).

It may sound easy to self-publish a book, but it’s very time consuming. The last time I self-published (in January of this year), I came out with second editions of three books, and I worked on the publication for days. Hopefully, this time will be a little easier, because I will only be publishing one book and I’ll be familiar with the formatting guidelines for the different publishers from last time (I will have to create multiple versions of my book, one for each publisher, because each publisher has their own formatting guidelines).

But, that is still weeks away! For now I will be taking care of blog tour communications and reading, as well as my other normal online activities. Starting  Thursday, I will be focusing on reading, editing, and posting updates on my progress. Lots to do!

July 23, 2012

Blog Tour and Blogroll Links

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Hi Everyone,

As you know, Freelance Writing Guide: What to Expect in Your First Year as a Freelance Writer is nearing publication (August 2012). As such, I have begun contemplating the book’s release, and what I can do to get the word out about my upcoming book. One of my ideas is having a blog tour in August or September. For those of you who have writing or reading blogs, I can offer a free ebook copy of Freelance Writing Guide in exchange for a book review on your blog. I am also available for blog interviews at that time (also for a free copy).

I recently (today, actually :) added more links to my blogroll (a list on the right side of the blog when you scroll down). The links are my favorite writing or reading blogs and websites (except for my health blog, which I added to the list because it’s my other blog). Check out the links on the blogroll, and if I haven’t added yours already, please comment on this post with a link to your writing/reading blog or website, and I’ll add it :)

Have a great week!

February 9, 2012

Two books for 2012

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Hello all,

I want to make it official….I am writing two books right now and they will both be published in 2012. There is also a publication calendar on the right side of the page that shows a countdown for it.

The one I started first, which was in the beginning of January, is a reference book for freelance writers new to their career. It includes and explains everything I went through and more in my first year as a freelance writer, but the focus is on the reader. It’s educational, informative, and interesting. It covers everything that a freelance writer should expect in the first year of their career.

The second book, which I started at the end of January, is essentially, a compilation of all of my journal entries from age 9 to age 31. I am editing them as I type them. I am hoping that after editing again, after all the journal entries have been typed, the book will be a look into the inner workings and life adventures of a troubled, yet special, girl.

I have not named either book yet, but I will eventually, of course. So, there it is. My personal and professional goals for the year. I hope you will be here to cheer me on :)