January 23, 2013

First draft of “Chronicles of a Troubled Girl” finished!

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The day after my last post, which was about how I hadn’t worked on my manuscripts in a few months, I resumed working on my work-in-progress: Chronicles of a Troubled Girl. I wrote for one to two hours a day most days, and I’m happy to say that I finished the first draft the other day! It feels great to have completed the writing part of the book project.

The next step is to edit. Since it is a compilation of my journal entries from childhood to adulthood, and I want the book to be as accurate of the times as possible, I will not be doing a lot of editing. I will just review what I have written for spelling and grammar. Since I did that as I typed the journals, there will not be much editing to do. It will be a fairly quick review process and I will only need to go through the manuscript once, since I am also a professional editor.

Lately, I’ve been trying to spend less time on the computer since my body has been feeling stiff and uncomfortable when I sit for too long – due to previous leg injuries. But I’m sure I will begin editing soon. And since my last post motivated me to finish the first draft, I am hoping this post will inspire me to begin editing. I will just need to spend less time online each day so that I’ll be able to spend time editing the manuscript, and I’ll only be able to work on it for an hour at a time so that I can get up and stretch my legs.

I am looking forward to editing Chronicles of a Troubled Girl and moving on with the publishing process and getting it out to the public. I will not be doing a blog tour, since it is a very personal memoir. I prefer that people I know, and those I announce it to, will be the first to read it, and I will allow word-of-mouth to be the main method of marketing.

I hope you all have a joyous day. Happy writing and reading!

July 31, 2012

The Month of July

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Recap time! July was an excellent month for me, especially with working on my manuscripts. I edited a whole book (Freelance Writing Guide), wrote 15,800 words in Chronicles of a Troubled Girl, and wrote 2,700 words in Freedom from Fat. On top of that, I published 22 blog posts (between my two blogs), was interviewed by a book cover designer, edited two of my colleague’s articles, published five book reviews, participated in a Goodreads Giveaway and mailed out two copies of My Not-So-Ordinary Life to two winners, read four books, and contributed to a writer’s blog post. I also got my very own, really nice office chair after working hard as a writer for over 14 months. I still felt – and feel – privileged to have this chair.

August is going to be really busy, I can already tell, because I plan to do the final edit of Freelance Writing Guide and publish it, which also means that I’ll be sending out copies to my blog tour participants. Organizing a blog tour is like communicating with 20+ colleagues through email – it’s quite fun and keeps me busy! I will also be reading and reviewing three books, and posting to my blogs to keep you all updated :), as well as my other daily duties.

I hope you will all have a good month and stick around to see what’s happening next!

July 6, 2012

Keeping you Posted…

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Okay, so I’ve taken a few days off from working on my manuscripts in order to get some extra sleep, get ahead in my reading, exercise, write blog posts, and upload new covers for two of my books. I also spent time with my husband and even had a day where I hardly worked, which I haven’t done in a long time.

It is time, however, to buckle down and get back to work (at least the writing/editing part). I need to edit Freelance Writing Guide, and my goal is to have the first revision done by the end of July. I also have to finish up “Chronicles of a Troubled Girl,” which I only have less than 1/3 left to write. That book is coming along quickly now, but will slow down a bit as I work on editing the first book.

By the way, I got a new desk chair–a rolling one with arm rests that is comfortable. I’ve wanted a new chair for the past 6 months. Finally, I have a real desk chair made for a writer!

So, starting tomorrow I will be super productive and not spend too much time dealing with online things. Who plans on being productive tomorrow? I know it’s Friday, but every day is a chance to start anew :)

July 1, 2012

A Busy Month – June 2012

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Since the beginning of the year, June was my busiest month. I went through a couple of months where my activity declined, but now it is in top speed. I’ve been reviewing books and networking a lot, but I’ve also been working on my manuscripts a lot too. And don’t forget about blog posts! This is what I accomplished last month:

  • Published 16 blog posts (between two blogs).
  • Published 10 book reviews.
  • Edited twice for a colleague.
  • Sold some books.
  • Completed the first draft of Freelance Writing Guide.
  • Unburied Freedom from Fat from 2010.
  • Wrote a total of 40,600 words in three manuscripts.

I am doing it all for my readers and for my pure enjoyment of writing. I hope you each find your passion and follow where it leads. Mine leads to happiness :)

May 24, 2012

News Flash

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Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, the bad news is not terribly bad…I’ve just slowed down with my pace of working on my manuscripts. I still have been writing a little each month, but not near the 16,000 words a month that I was doing before. I promise they’ll be published someday! But right now (and for a while) I need to focus on my physical health, and try to improve it, which is a good thing! You can learn more about my experiences with that here: Christine’s Health Blog – Chronicles of Healthy Living. I just want to give you the opportunity to see what I’ve been working on and the reason why I haven’t been writing as much. I believe health and happiness are the two most important aspects of life, so writing must come secondary. I still love to write and that’s why I’m a writer! I just want to confess that my interests have been a bit elsewhere.

Now, it’s time for the good news!

  • I recently returned to Textbroker (ghostwriting website) where I have been working on team projects and applying to more team projects.
  • I am scheduled to participate in another author’s blog tour around July/August, so be on the lookout on this blog for a book review and blog tour schedule for this author, who will remain anonymous until I find out more information.
  • I have been blogging regularly (on my health blog–link above).
  • And I’m increasing the amount of reading I do, in order to write more book reviews.

As far as other areas of my life, I’m expecting some family to stay with me for several days in the beginning of next month. And I’m trying to help my husband (who is diabetic) to live a healthier lifestyle as far as his eating and exercising. I’m also working out six days a week myself, taking care of my furry baby (cat) Tangerine, doing housework and household chores, running errands, spending quality time with my husband, and taking a little time out for relaxing. So, I’ve definitely been busy!

I am still very interested in finishing my two manuscripts that I mentioned above, even though, I admit, writing two manuscripts at the same time is not an easy task! I simply have not had enough time or concentration to sit down and compose pages of prose, but my manuscripts are not forgotten! I’ve come too far with them to just give up. I am determined to finish what I started and publish them!

Thanks for your support in my writing endeavors. Take care everyone, and have a great weekend (starting tomorrow)!