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“I recommend this book for its valuable content, easy to read style, and reasonable price. Short, to the point, but highly informative is how I would classify these articles.”



FreFreelance Writing Guide Ebookelance Writing Guide

“This is a great book for anyone looking to break into writing, especially online writing. All the information presented in it will help you become a confident and marketable writer.”

“It is informative and resourceful but there is also an underlying story which tells of the authors first year of being a writer.”

“I have been freelance writing since 2007, and I learned quite a few helpful tips from this book.  In my estimation, that makes this a great book for any freelancer seeking to enter the world of freelance writing….Her style is simple, but engaging, and laid out in an easy-to-use format as a resource tool for writers.  I highly recommend this book for those in or interested in entering a career as a freelance writer.”

“Rice’s guide is on point, practical, and well written. She absolutely covers everything….I am impressed with this guide. I have been a freelance writer for five years, and I found plenty of information that I can use in my daily work. Researching about freelance writing can feel overwhelming, so I appreciate how organized the guide is. Not only is it a must have resource for beginners; I think it is the perfect refresher for any freelance writer….Freelance Writing Guide should be added to any writer’s bookshelf.”

“From her own experiences, she has gleaned a wealth of knowledge that she shares with readers in a straight-forward, informative way. If you or someone you know is considering a career in freelance writing, this is the guide book you need….Rice does a good job of touching on all the important aspects of the career….What you will find is sound advice, realistic expectations and practical procedures for achieving the heights of your own ambition with freelance writing. Anyone with a love of the written word can shape a career in freelance writing from the guidepost in this how-to manual.”

“Easy to read/follow and it’s written in an almost conversational way like a friend chatting about their experiences….An honest, useful account of what a new (or even experienced/published) writer may expect from the world of freelancing….An engaging, quick read. It was inspirational and give me confidence in pursuing a career in this field.”

“It is a straightforward and easy to read book full of information….The first thing one will notice in the introduction is the straightforward honesty about who the author is in her career and what one should expect from this book.  This is no “get rich writing” scheme; it is the happenings during a writer’s first-year journey, and all the information and resources that writer collected….This is a wealth of information that is useful and extremely needed when faced with the organized chaos that is a writing career.  Rice speaks plainly about her experiences and what is needed for each step one encounters along the road to being published, including legal rights jargon faced, differences between publishing environments, and marketing.  The author has managed to give newbies in the writing community an informational breakdown that will set each on solid ground instead of walking the edge of the literary cliff and feeling his or her way around during that first year.  In short, if a person is trying to break into writing, or feeling his or her way blindly through the business’s stepping-stones and pitfalls, this book is a must-have.”

“This book…is a wonderful resource to the person who is thinking about- or just started being a freelance writer. It offers practical tips and advice on everything from what materials and equipment you will need, to how to query a literary agent or magazine….Christine is very direct in her writing, laying down the facts and a few tips and tricks to help the beginner freelancer get on his/her way to being a successful freelancer….Christine’s writing is inviting, concise, and direct, making it feel as though she is conversing with you and teaching you about what she’s been through in her first year as a freelance writer.”

“Would I recommend this book?  Yes….My blogging skills have improved since I have read Christine’s book and I have increased pages views on my blog.”

“If you’re looking for a career in freelance writing, I highly suggest you pick up this book asap!”

My Not-So-Ordinary Life

“This was a brilliant book which chronicles the life of the author up to the age of 28, from her earliest memories to her drug addiction to turning her life around. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and was sorry it had ended. I hope Christine does a followup.”

“Well written. Very open and honest. I read it in one sitting.”

“If you’re looking for a quick read about a woman who has managed to become a better person from the lessons life has given her, you’ll definitely enjoy reading Christine’s memoir.”

Essays for the Soul

“Really enjoyed the honesty of the author and how she shares her heart with readers! Writing is a struggle and a joy, so I loved the way she makes the analogy to a muse. The cadence and rich word choice of her writing makes it a very enjoyable read!”

“Author Rice will help dispel the fears that your writing is not good enough. Her recommendation to cultivate your passions and begin just writing about them, idea upon idea, will ignite a flow within you unimagined.”

“These little essays read like short stories with information added to them. I really enjoyed them and read the book within 2 hours of starting it. I love the one about healthy eating and wish I could stick to a diet (I don’t have an off switch sometimes when I’m eating). Thoroughly enjoyed this.”

“Christine Rice’s Essays for the Soul is a culmination of the author’s experiences and lessons shared with readers. One might expect such a short collection to be limited, or an exploration into self-glorification; but this book is neither. The essays included within this work are honest, and straightforward. While there are a number on writing experiences and helpful techniques, others also deal with lessons useful to anyone traveling down life’s highway. Don’t take my word for it, check out this work for yourself. The readings are refreshingly honest and easily followed. It would be a welcome addition to any library collection.”

“Essays for the Soul by Christine Rice is a collection of essays that span the writer’s early experiences in both writing and life in general. It covers life lessons that are valuable to any young person just heading out on life’s journey, and some who are not so young, but could use a refresher course and examples on topics that everyone should be aware of. This work encompasses everything from healthy eating to writing forms and does it in a simple and easy to follow manner, which is a welcome change for readers that do not enjoy reading works that are supposed to give general advice, but a degree in rocket science is needed to understand them. I would have no problem recommending this book to another reader, and believe it would be quite useful for young people who are just starting out on their journey of self-awareness and a life of their own.”

Poetry for the Heart

“After reading Ms. Rice’s beautiful poems, I felt like I actually met her. I felt this way because her voice was so expressive in each poem. She allows her readers to tap into her mind and heart; feel her emotions for whatever journey life was taking her through at that time. You don’t have to be a poetry lover to enjoy this poetry book. Just being human is enough; for Ms. Rice’s life experiences are similar to everyone else. Therefore, it’s likely that her expressive words mirror the thoughts of others going through the same experiences. Treat yourself to some insightful poetry that will not only entertain you, but also make you reflective of your own life. Highly recommend this book.”

“‘Poetry for the Heart’ is a beautiful array of the authors insecurities and dreams. I love the way she takes her everyday life and translates it so creatively into poetry.”

“I have read a whole lot of books, but this seems to be very amazing, it tackles the true meaning of life from childhood to adolescence, our family and friends, etc. Feels great after reading all the poems.. Simply wonderful!”

“Christine’s words cheered me up….[T]hese poems really are for the heart, from the heart. There’s an innocence to them that’s endearing….This low-key, honest, straightforward little book has left me feeling inspired….I like it.”

“I have read a whole lot of books, but this seems to be very amazing, it tackles the true meaning of life from childhood to adolescence, our family and friends, etc. Feels great after reading all the poems.. Simply wonderful!”

“I don’t normally enjoy poetry, think it goes back to my schooldays and the awful poetry we had to read, but this was brilliant. I really enjoyed how the poetry relates to life and experiences that everyone has or will have.”

“I’m glad I came across this poetry book. I read poetry almost every day, but rarely modern poetry. Because it can be too simple, shallow, unrewarding. But this book is different. There is wisdom in the poems that flows through you with utter simplicity, but the kind of simplicity that takes decades to master. When a poem came along with a premise I didn’t agree with (the poem, Creativity), I felt as if I was listening to an intelligent friend, with whom it was interesting to disagree. I would especially recommend the poems to writers, because they chronicle many of our demons: Self-doubt, the search for the self, the quest for ideas and inspiration, for the optimism of childhood. Reading the poem, I Dream, I found myself smiling. It was then that I wanted the poet to say more, to interweave rational philosophy with her aspiration for a better tomorrow. I wanted the “how” as well as the “what”, which is the hardest task of a poet. And yet, I still felt pleasure in the sunshine of that poems vision. There is immense appeal in the wisdom of this poet. Rice fills her poem “My Inner Child” with aphorisms that can last a lifetime. And there is intense benevolence in every one of her poems, even the ones that start off sadly, searching for the light of life. Both poems that reflect on the inner life and those that cast a storyteller’s eye on the people in our lives are all enjoyable and deceptively light, a perfect read for a sunny afternoon. It is for this absolute conviction that life is good, inspiring and worth having that I gave Poetry for the Heart five stars–that and the fact that I will be returning to this collection and re-reading it as the mood strikes. I heartily recommend the book to readers of poetry, especially writers and audiences who are daunted by subjectively abstract poetry (the kind I abhor). You’ll find none of this here. Rice has put together an immensely accessible collection of uplifting poems.”

“Christine Rice’s Poetry for the Heart is a look into the introspection, doubts, and strength of a writer and fellow human along life’s travels. She writes in a clear and straightforward manner that connects to readers on a personal level. I would recommend this work to anyone; but I think even more so for individuals first striking out on their own. It is a shining example of the inner turmoil, emotion, and strength that each person needs to call upon in both good and not-so-good times.”

“Christine Rice’s ‘Poetry for the Heart’ is a thought provoking collection of poetry. Each poems reflects the author’s mindset of different points of her life. She voices many thoughts that cross everyone’s mind at some point in their life. I would highly recommend this book and not just to poetry lovers. It has idealisms that everyone can understand and relate to. Take time to sit down and enjoy this book. It may get you thinking about your own life. I know I did!”

“‘Poetry for the Heart’ has very creative poems of the author’s trials and tribulations in life. The poems are filled with emotion and desire, and you can tell they were written from the heart. The words seem to take me to another place. My favorite poems are ‘Tangerine’ and ‘Truth or Dare.’ The book is fun to read, and the poems are open and honest. It is a great book!”

“Well written, inspiring!”

“‘Poetry For the Heart’ Delightfully written .. lovely poetry”

“‘Words to live by’ I enjoy doing reviews and reading books, but when it comes to poetry I somewhat at a loss. As creative as I am, the expressions of others escapes me most days. It is only a glaring few that reach me and show me something worth lending my heart to enough that I can read not only what has been etched in ink and ribbon, but to see beyond those scribbles and words and under[s]tand what has been laid before me. ‘If it is written or spoken it is creative’ The simplest way to express a truth that even poets of our past and the legends have sometimes overlooked. You will be a better person for even taking the time to read through the preview pages of this book and take just a moment out of your life to savor the moment in time this book meant to the author…and soon, you as well.” [Poetry for the Heart]

“A Work to be Warmly Remembered Poetry for the Heart, by Christine Rice encompasses the journey of one human along life’s road. The poems are clear, easy to read, insightful, and expressive. Each work with the collection connects and relates to the traveler within all of us. It is a pleasure to read, and leaves one with the feeling of being an intricate part of the whole that is the humanistic existence. I would recommend this work to any reader without hesitation. I have no doubt that it will leave them, like myself, feeling a resurgence of inner strength through the reflection of one’s own life. Wonderful work.”

“I downloaded your free book, and the very first poem, ‘The Self’ just reached out and grabbed me because it describes my journey to a ‘T’. May I share that poem on my personal blog with a link to your Smashword account? I really want to help you sell your books! Tell me any other links you want me to put too, like your blog or website.”