September 23, 2013

This blog has a new location

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Hello everyone,

I want to thank you all for following and subscribing to my blog. I need to inform you that my blog has moved to a new location. The new URL is, and it is now part of a self-hosted website instead of a website. My next post will be published on my “new” blog.

If you subscribed to my blog via email, your email subscription will be forwarded to the new blog, so you will continue to receive email notifications when I publish new posts. If you are following my blog through, you will need to follow my new blog in order to get notified of new posts. To do so, click here and, after making sure you’re signed into WordPress, click “follow” in the upper-left corner of the page.

And that’s it. It just involves re-following my blog at its new location.

I appreciate all of you for reading and commenting on my blog posts for the last one year and eight months. I look forward to providing many more updates on my books, book reviews, and author interviews, and having many more interactions with you in the future.

Take care, and keep writing and reading :)




  1. How did the move to the self-hosted website go, Christine? I’m considering this myself.

    • It was easy to do on my end, because WordPress and HostGator took care of the transfer. I got to keep everything from my old website, except for the theme and sidebar widgets, so I had to download a new theme and add plugins and widgets, but that was fine by me, because I wanted my website to be designed and structured differently.

      Both WordPress and HostGator have been extremely helpful with answering my questions and helping me along the way. It took about two weeks to get the blog transfer completed because there were snags along the way and it took time for both me and the representatives – at WordPress and HostGator – to respond to the emails. But I received a response to all of my emails within one day. (HostGator sometimes responded within an hour. I was later told – by a friend who is with them – that their chat and phone service are very efficient, but I didn’t use either.)

      There were steps I had to take to make sure the transfer went smoothly. I had to do a lot of research on, and the information I needed was not all in one location; there were different pages, and links on the pages, that I had to go to to obtain all of the information I needed.

      In addition to a website transfer, I will be transferring my domain registration to HostGator. They said they will do it for free, and the service includes a one-year domain renewal (free).

      I suggest reading up on website and domain name transfers, on both WordPress and your new web host, before you request a transfer of either, and get all of your questions answered so that it will go smoothly and no mistakes will occur. I did this, but because I’m not very knowledgeable about how domains, self-hosted websites, and domain/website transfers work, I ran into one problem: I renewed my domain registration with WordPress, since it was expiring soon and both WordPress and HostGator told me I could do it that way. But the guidance they gave me was not helpful – I ended up spending a few extra dollars by registering with WordPress ($10, I believe) than if I transferred my domain registration to HostGator. I initially thought it WAS transferred, because I thought I had requested a domain name transfer, but apparently HostGator only transferred my blog and opened a new web hosting account with them. So be aware that there are website transfers and domain registration transfers, and you will need to do both.

      I was partly to blame for the domain registration renewal issue, because I waited to transfer my blog to a self-hosted website only two weeks before my domain registration expired, so I was crunched for time. I haven’t transferred my domain registration to HostGator yet, so I’m not able to say if I made the right decision to move to a self-hosted website, but I’m pretty sure I am. It seems to have worked out for the best. I have more options for my website and more control over the setup. And it is a website now, instead of a blog formatted to look like a website. Ultimately, I’m glad I made the move. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them :)

  2. Thank you, Christine. If I go to the self-hosted website like you did, I wanted to transfer my domain name from my current website at I’m not sure what to do with that website once I change…It has a lot of important book information on it.

    My regular blog at isn’t a paid domain name.

    I know right now I can transfer my domain name from my website but I’m not ready to leave that website without a domain name yet. It’s too important since all my promo stuff has that web address.

    My publisher name blog is a paid domain name which has nothing to do with what I want transferred.

    Thank you again for the clear explanation.

    • I have a website at too. I’m keeping it, because it is cheaper than HostGator and I like the website. I decided to transfer my blog, because I wanted a website instead of a blog but also wanted to keep all of my blog’s content. You can search the HostGator Support Panel for information if you’d like to go with them (they are the cheapest web host and have the best web hosting plan options). You should also check with the web host you plan to go with if they will be able to transfer all of your website’s content from Webs, because not all of your content may be transferable. In addition, if you transfer from Webs, you probably won’t be able to keep your template design, because they have their own specialized templates. So there are lots of things to consider!

  3. Thank you.

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