April 7, 2013

Editing and formatting my work-in-progress

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Hello, World!

I am pleased to announce that I have resumed working on my work-in-progress, Chronicles of a Troubled Girl. I’m in the editing and formatting stage. I worked on it for over two hours yesterday. What got me working on it again? Well, my husband mentioned my book, asking how I was coming along with it. I told him I had finished writing it and I just needed to edit it. That conversation created a spark in my mind that motivated me to resume working on it. I intend to spend as much time on it as I can until it’s finished and ready to publish.

I’m enjoying reading the book as I’m editing it. I think it’s going to be a great book that tells the story – in the form of personal journal entries – of my challenging life. There are a few journal entries from when I was 9 and 10 years old. Then it glides into my teenage years, starting with age 14 and continuing all the way up to age 30. That was the last time I wrote a journal entry, because I didn’t need the therapy of journal writing to get through tough times, because my life had smoothed out and improved.

In the book my personal thoughts and unique actions are communicated. I talk about the people who meant the most to me. My feelings are as clear as day and permeate from the words I wrote. My experiences of growing up with controlling parents, my rebellion against my parents and life, my use of drugs and alcohol, my mental illness, my eating disorder, my career changes, love and relationships, and going to school to pursue my passions are all revealed in this book.

The book is personal, deep, revealing, and honest. The words were written respectfully and tactfully, so I did not go into extreme detail about uncomfortable matters; therefore, the book will not embarrass me or my readers.

If you would like to read and review my book, email me at christine@christinerice-author.com, and as soon as it’s published (which I anticipate will be in a couple months or less) I’ll email you an ebook copy in exchange for your promise to write a short review on it.

I can’t wait to wrap up this book and get it out to the world!

Have a great day!


  1. I used to love journal writing but got away from it when I started writing novels. I can imagine the emotions you must have gone through while reliving what you wrote about. Journal writing is great therapy and I recommend it. Good luck with getting your book finished, Christine.

    • Typing up my journals stirred up some pain about the past. It was so raw reading my journal entries and reliving it as you say. I had forgotten about some of the stuff I wrote in my journals. This actually led to a discussion with my mom – someone whom I had an unspoken resentment – and as adults we were able to talk about it and now I better understand her perspective. Long story short, I didn’t know the underlining truth of what was going on between her and my step-father, but I do now and it gives me peace to know that she was less at fault for how I was raised. If you read the book, I’ll tell you what the underlining truth was (I don’t want to spoil the story before anyone’s read it). Have a great week!

  2. madhavisood said,

    Dear Christine,
    I’m so glad to see and read from a familiar face here…, I took your advise and have started my wordpress blog. :)
    I would love to read this book of yours and hope it gets on print soon.

    I used to pen down a diary of sorts as I was growing up, but somewhere down the line gave it up. Your post is inspiring Christine and I hope I can garner the courage to start where I had left….

    Yes, it needs a lot of courage to pen down all that one has gone through in life – whether in a journal for, as fiction or as poetry … yet it serves as a great catharsis and when written in an optimistic manner, is almost therapeutic in its own way…

    With lots of best wishes n hugs and happy writing and hope you too visit my blog too, whenever you can.

    I do have a blogger blogspot page as well http://www.madhavisood.blogspot.in

    • I checked out your blogs. They are very nice. Good luck to you with them. I have two blogs myself and I enjoy putting content on them. Thanks for stopping by :)

      • madhavisood said,

        Thanks a lot Christine for visiting and liking my blog!
        You and Charlene (C.M. Truxler) have been my inspiration to start blogging :)
        I’m still learning and your posts have been so useful to me.
        Take care and all the best of luck and best wishes to you too for your writing.

      • You’re welcome! I just followed your blogs. I’m so glad we inspired you to blog. I love writing, so I love blogging. Best wishes to you too :)

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