January 7, 2013

Books Update

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Hello everyone,

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting mostly reviews and interviews for the past couple of months. And you are right. Since mid-October I haven’t posted about my books, namely my works-in-progress. Back in early September, I pretty much stopped writing in my works-in-progress due to publishing one of them (Freelance Writing Guide) and having a blog tour. I have no regrets, of course, because I was ecstatic about publishing a book I had been working on for eight months, and the blog tour was an absolutely great experience.

During the blog tour, I got my first client project in which I edited and formatted a novel. In case you didn’t know, I wear a few different hats in the publishing industry, including freelance writing, editing, and formatting in addition to being an author. A part of my freelance writing business is writing book reviews, which I post here for you all. Additionally, many of the books I review are free kindle books, so I hope I have helped you choose some great reads for cheap.

Shortly after my first client, I got another client, and many more, and I’ve been doing client projects ever since. My time is spent on client projects, reading and reviewing, blogging, networking, and also my health. In addition to being a writer, I am a health-conscious person, because I know without my health, I am nothing. So I work on being healthy, and becoming healthier, each day, in addition to my career.

I haven’t resumed working on my works-in-progress, besides updating Freedom from Fat with posts from my health blog, but I am 100% interested in finishing my works-in-progress and plan to do so in the future. I just cannot promise when that will be. Right now my interests lie in my health and growing my freelance business, and since I move through life naturally based on how it flows, I go with the flow.

I am certain that someday I will return to my works-in-progress, because I love writing and publishing books. It makes me so happy to get my thoughts and experiences in a permanent state that can be enjoyed for years to come. For now, I will go with the flow, and I will resume working on my works-in-progress once the flow returns to that part of my life.

I just wanted to reassure you all that I will be publishing the books I was working on, and I will keep posting on this blog.

Thanks for your kindness and support,




  1. You sound busy, Christine. Take care of yourself.

  2. leewriter said,

    Christine, Thanks for the update. I too am focused on my health, both physical, emotional and spiritual. Lately I’ve brought about self-imposed misery on myself but am working my way through a challenging but spiritually enlightening time. I just received script coverage of my “After The End” movie script. It was not as positive as I expected and hoped but I accept the reality of the analysis and will take it to heart when rewriting the script. I’m also working on a novel, “The Darkness Below”, that was originally published in 2000 by a now out-of-business publisher, Denlinger’s Publishers, Ltd. I’m self-publishing the novel as a series of blog posts on http://www.fanbox.com/ and also http://www.atcontent.com/. As I write the book again (I don’t have a file of it on my computer), I am changing (improving) the story. My goal is to find a literary agent to represent me once the book is finished (again). I would love to get reviews of each chapter (blog post) as it’s released and/or of the book in its entirety. So if you enjoy reading sci-fi/horror/fantasy books, and have the time, feel free to check out the book-in-blog form on either the websites listed above. Take care. Good luck with freelancing projects. I am still somewhat disorganized and “out of the writing flow” since I have no working computer. But that should be resolved within a week or two as a friend of mine has agreed to send me her almost-brand-new computer. I should have a review of your “Essays For The Soul” done by the end of the month.

    Lee A. Eide – Overcoming Limitations of Ego Blog: http://blogs.fanbox.com/youregosucks, Writing Business site: http://www.leeaeide-writer.com, “Overcome Any Personal Obstacle, including Alcoholism, by Understanding Your Ego” Book ordering site: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/leewriter

    • It’s good to hear from you, Lee. I hope you get your computer issue resolved soon and that your health gets better soon too. I am not reading fiction right now, but will keep your novel in mind. When I do read fiction, I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi, so I might be able to review your novel in the future. Take care!

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