October 2, 2012

Interview with Katrina Rychling

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Today I will be interviewing Katrina Rychling, a published writer and scholar. We met at the Yahoo! Contributor Network where we published articles, poetry, and other writing assignments to their online platform. I haven’t written for them since the end of last year, but Katrina and I have remained in touch through Facebook.

Katrina Rychling enjoys networking and helping fellow writers. She holds a Bachelor of Science – with a concentration in psychology – from Charter Oak State College; a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University; and a writing diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. Katrina is published in the May/June 2011 issue of Writers Digest Magazine. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and three pet snakes.

Now, on to the interview.

Christine: How, and when, did you decide to become a writer?

Katrina: Sometime after high school I rediscovered my love for reading. My love for reading then developed into an interest in writing and then a passion for writing. I had not considered writing as a career, only as a hobby. It has only been in the past few years that I have decided to turn my writing into a career.

Christine: What is your writing experience?

Katrina: In high school I began to despise writing. By my senior year when I had a paper due I would throw tantrums and become hysterical. In college I found myself taking more and more writing classes to help overcome my fear of writing. Somewhere along the way I slowly found writing easier, but my fear was not totally gone. I would turn papers in late and reuse the same piece multiple times.

Now I have come to realize that I was sabotaging myself because I wanted it to be perfect. I would stress out so much about getting it right, that I did not get it done at all. I have since learned to let go and find it much more enjoyable to write. I still have my days where I can’t seem to finish anything, but then there are others when I write for 30min and come out with something fantastic.

Christine: What types of writing do you do?

Katrina: I write a little bit of everything. I’m not sure there is a genre I have not had an idea in or tried writing. This makes my skills versatile and helps me find more ways to earn a paycheck through my writing.

Christine: What have you published recently?

Katrina: I try to update my blog, Star’s Escape, as often as possible. Star’s Escape is about everything and anything writing related. It has tips on writer’s block, marketing, improving your writing, and finding more time to write. I’m always looking for more contributors to help build the community and to support each others’ writing. Contributors get a link to their website of choice and are welcome to write anything, as long as it pertains to writing. I also publish my non-fiction, poems, and an occasional short story on the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

Christine: Are you solely a writer or do you have multiple occupations?

Katrina: Currently, my only source of income is through my writing.

Christine: What is a typical day like for you as a writer?

Katrina: Since becoming a mom, I have learned to write whenever and wherever I can. My writing time has taken a drastic drop, but the reward of caring for my son is worth it. I am still learning new ways to squeeze more writing time in every day.

Christine: How do you come up with ideas for your writing?

Katrina: Many of my ideas for my non-fiction and fiction work come from reading other people’s work. I also get a lot of ideas from things I wonder or am interested about. As for my fiction writing, I find myself using what happens in some of my dreams as a springboard for a story. On rare occasions I actually dream in words, so I guess you can say I write in my sleep (which is a good thing, because I love to sleep).

Christine: What interests you about writing nonfiction?

Katrina: Reading non-fiction books and articles is one of the things that has made the biggest impact on my life. I love learning new things, and I constantly strive to become a better person. Reading teaches me how to live and how to improve every aspect of my life. Since others’ writing has made such an impact on my life, I want to return the favor and help even more people to become the person they are meant to be.

Christine: What do you like to read?

Katrina: When reading non-fiction books I tend to gravitate towards self-help books because I’m constantly striving to improve my life. My favorite genres of fiction are fantasy and science-fiction. I get enough reality in everyday life, so when I read I want something completely different.

Christine: Do you find you “mentally edit” other writers’ works as you read them? Does doing this help you or bother you?

Katrina: Yes! I find myself constantly editing other writers’ works as I read them. The biggest problem with this is I always want to tell the author what they did wrong. I sometimes need to work on holding my tongue, because if an author does not ask for criticism I feel it is rude of me to mention their flaws. However, another part of me wants to tell them so that I can help them improve and become an even better writer. It would be interesting to hear what other writers think about unsolicited advice from fellow writers.

Christine: Where can we find you on the Web?

Katrina: My website: www.katrinarychling.com
Yahoo!: www.contributor.yahoo.com/user/885162/katrina_rychling.html
My writing blog: www.katrinarychling.com/blog
My health blog: www.cavemanparty.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/KatrinaRychling
Twitter: www.twitter.com/KatrinaRychling

Christine: Thanks so much for joining us today, Katrina!


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