July 30, 2012

Book Blogs and Publication

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I recently joined Book Blogs – an interactive, lively community for bloggers and authors. On the website, bloggers get the benefit of promoting their blogs, gaining followers to their blogs, and finding authors to host on their blogs. Mostly, the bloggers have “book blogs,” which means they publish book reviews, giveaways, and author interviews on their blogs. While, authors can promote their books and find bloggers to host them. During my short time there so far, I have been using the website for both purposes, since my blog is part book blog and I’m an author.

I have also been organizing my blog tour. Getting a blog tour together is a lot of work! I have found a few people that will be reviewing my book (thank you!); plus others that will be reviewing my other books, which is wonderful. I am still waiting to hear back from other bloggers I have contacted about my September blog tour, so I’m hoping for more opportunities. If you would like to host me on your blog in September, I can provide a complementary ebook copy of my book, Freelance Writing Guide, for a review or an interview. I’m really looking forward to the blog tour and the publication of my book.

In fact, I will be starting the second (and final) revision this week. It looks like mid-August is when I’ll be creating the cover and formatting the book for publication in various formats. It will be available in paperback and ebook from Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and Smashwords (who also distributes to various retailers). The ebook will be available before the paperback, since I have to approve the paperback’s proof copy, which Lulu will be sending to me to review (and as you may know, shipping a product takes some time compared to electronic transactions).

It may sound easy to self-publish a book, but it’s very time consuming. The last time I self-published (in January of this year), I came out with second editions of three books, and I worked on the publication for days. Hopefully, this time will be a little easier, because I will only be publishing one book and I’ll be familiar with the formatting guidelines for the different publishers from last time (I will have to create multiple versions of my book, one for each publisher, because each publisher has their own formatting guidelines).

But, that is still weeks away! For now I will be taking care of blog tour communications and reading, as well as my other normal online activities. Starting  Thursday, I will be focusing on reading, editing, and posting updates on my progress. Lots to do!



  1. RD Meyer said,

    Good luck! I know it’s a lot of work, and mine is still a few years off. Oh the trepidation…

    • Thanks. The final result is definitely worth the effort it takes. I choose to do it all myself, but there are other options if you are interested. You can do it!

  2. Thanks for the info on this great new blogging site. I’ll be heading over there when I”m done here. Looking forward to your book release.

    • Thanks, I am too :) If you want more traffic to your blog or want to host authors on your blog, Book Blogs is a great place to be a member!

  3. Bookblogs gives me pretty good response on my promos, but it can be a mailbox filler. I’ll watch for your posts there.

    • I noticed about the emails ;) Luckily, we can unsubscribe from posts, which I had to do for some. I’ve mostly posted in groups and did one forum post. I’ve contacted bloggers through email about my blog tour and got a couple of positive responses so far. It was very time-consuming to go through all the groups, pick out groups that would be helpful, read and search the posts, and post myself. I found eight groups to join! It was worth the time to try it out. I’ve been stopping in every day.

  4. Ann Rodela said,

    I would like to participate in the blog tour and review your book.
    My blog http://ravensartshack.blogspot.com/
    you can send me a pdf at my email.

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