July 18, 2012

New Ebook Cover for “My Not-So-Ordinary Life”

Posted in Books tagged , at 3:15 am by Christine Rice

Hello all,

I found the ability to create my own book covers recently, so I redid My Not-So-Ordinary Life‘s epub and pdf covers. The book with the new cover can be found at Lulu, Barnes & Noble, and the iTunes iBookstore. The new cover has not shown up at B&N and iTunes yet, but it is showing up at Lulu already. You can also view the cover and a description of the book on the book’s page of this blog.

I like the slogan: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” which is the reason why I chose the cover design. It’s a simple cover, and I love how it is so easy to read, which helps people when they are searching for ebooks online. Here is a sneak peek of the new cover:

Ebook cover

And here is what the old cover looked like:

Old ebook cover

I liked the abstract design of the old cover, however, it didn’t have meaning to me and the text was hard to read. I hope you like the new cover!



  1. RD Meyer said,

    New cover is much better.

    Oh, and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And then find a friend to whom life has given vodka, and have a party. :-P

  2. I think you were wise to change it. Not because the old one was bad but I think readers look to the cover to give them an idea about the book and the abstract doesn’t do that, imho. the new cover is bright and I think most people will make the “lemonade” association.

    • Thanks, Theresa. I’m glad you like the new cover and think people will realize the lemonade association. That is reassuring to know.

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