June 27, 2012

Review of “Guarding the Healer”

Posted in Book Reviews tagged , , , , , at 6:23 pm by Christine Rice

I first became interested in this book, because I like the idea of a person having the power to heal; it’s mystical and magical to think about. But I wasn’t prepared for the excellent, well-written adventure, of both dark and light forces, that I experienced when reading Guarding the Healer by Gabriel Beyers.

The book carried me along a journey with the characters as they experienced love, pain, grief, sadness, and joy. The story is in constant motion as Silas runs from his loss of a loved one and a haunting demon. The demon will not let Silas go far and is determined to make him agree to his terms, or else Silas will lose more loved ones. Hence, Silas, and his new acquaintance, Tommy, are on the run, stopping only momentarily to rest and help people.

I was in shock when I finished reading the book, from my pure satisfaction during the entire reading experience and the unimaginable ending. In addition, this is a pristinely written and edited book full of detail and excitement. I could hardly put it down. I was blown away by the quality of the story, and the talent of the author for writing such a good story.

Guarding the Healer touched my heart and soul. It enveloped me into the arms of intrigue and adventure that is the storyline. I recommend this book to readers of dark fantasy and paranormal. I assure you, it will take you on the ride of your life and you will not be disappointed!

Pick up this book today. It is available in kindle edition and paperback. Read on!



  1. Lynn Long said,

    Is CreateSpace a good place to publish? Are they expensive?

    • Hi Lynn, I have not used Create Space before and I don’t know much about them. I use Lulu for my books and I like them very much. It doesn’t cost anything to publish with Lulu, except for a small percentage deducted from the sales. I also publish with Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords, who run the same way. I recommend publishing both ebooks and print books for each book. Good luck!

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