June 13, 2012

Review of “Smashwords Book Marketing Guide”

Posted in Book Reviews tagged , , , , at 3:15 pm by Christine Rice

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker is helpful for authors interested in learning more ways to market their ebooks. The book was written by the owner of Smashwords for Smashwords authors, but most of the tips can be used by any ebook author. The book is designed for authors of all levels of experience and knowledge about book marketing.

The beginning of the book provides knowledge about being a Smashwords author. The topics it covers include: a background on Smashwords, and how Smashwords helps authors and publishers market books. Other information in this section includes: adopting a proactive marketing mindset, building social networks, using hyperlinks, and helping other authors.

Next, which is the majority of the book, is a descriptive list of 30 marketing tips. The tips go from easy and common to challenging and uncommon. For example, the list starts with tips on updating your email signature and posting a notice on your website or blog, and leads to tips on networking and being active in online communities, to writing press releases, as well as uncommon ideas, such as joining HARO (Help-A-Reporter-Online) and using Google Alerts to find where people are talking about topics online that are related to your book. Plus, there are many more.

I recommend Smashwords Book Marketing Guide to Smashwords authors and authors who are in need of some new marketing ideas. I’m sure you will discover at least a few ideas you hadn’t heard of before.

This is a free ebook on Amazon and can be downloaded here. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot, like I did. Until next time, happy reading!



  1. Anna said,

    Vacation tomorrow….loading up my kindle! This one might make it on! Thanks!

  2. Edward Smith said,

    Looks like a very handy book, thanks, Edward Smith.

  3. I downloaded this sometime ago. it looked very confusing, but after playing around with formatting I learned some more about formatting documents. I re-read Mark Coker’s book and it didn’t seem so confusing the second time. I think I can do this now. :-) I agree the marketing tips are well worth it. Great review Thanks, Christine. And thanks for stopping by my blog and clicking Like.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my review, Mary! I suppose the difficulty of the tips in the book depends on the reader’s technical knowledge. I’m glad the second time around it was more helpful to you. The book is definitely worth it for the price!

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