June 7, 2012

Review of “Empower Your Writing”

Posted in Book Reviews tagged , , , , , , , , , , at 4:28 pm by Christine Rice

Empower Your Writing: A Manifesto by Farnoosh Brock is an enjoyable nonfiction book for writers looking to learn how to write well. Brock writes exquisitely and optimistically, noticeably enjoying sharing her knowledge about writing with readers.

Brock believes in correct and effective communication, that clear writing will make people more successful, and that readers deserve the best. Therefore, she suggests to her readers to revise half a dozen times to make their writing the best that it can be.

Brock dedicates one chapter to explaining the importance of great writing. She then discusses ways for writers to understand their writing, techniques to improve their writing, and habits to sharpen their writing skills. In another chapter she goes over popular grammar errors to avoid.

Brock then gives tips to her readers to help them enhance their writing and editing skills. She speaks to her readers about finding their writing voices and even gives them a way to do so. This book is an explanation and demonstration of quality writing and it uses a unique angle and information not found in other writing books. The author’s voice and expertise truly shine through the pages of this book.

I recommend Empower Your Writing to new writers who are interested in gaining helpful knowledge about how to write well and creatively. Most people will enjoy reading this book.

Get your own copy here. Enjoy!



  1. Christine, thank you SO MUCH for your review of my book here and on Amazon! So glad you found it useful. Happy writing!

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