April 20, 2012

Lulu Earth Day Contest!

Posted in Books, Lulu tagged , , , , , at 12:44 am by Christine Rice

Hi friends :)

I could really use your support. I entered Lulu’s Earth Day Contest, which is a print book sales contest from April 18th to April 25th (yes, I’m a little late on this one too!). There are prizes for first and second place to the author who sells the most print books. The book I entered in the contest is My Not-So-Ordinary Life: An Autobiography. I’d love for you to learn about my life by reading that book. In fact, if I get first place in the contest I will raffle off the NOOK reader prize (just let me know if you bought my print book during those dates and I’ll include you in the raffle!). The link to learn more about my book, and purchase it if you’re interested, is here.

Thanks so much!



  1. Alan said,

    Hi Christine!

    Ventured over from Katrina’s site, and am glad I did. Thanks for a precious/cute video, and Best Wishes to you and your writing goals–cheers!

  2. ansuyo said,

    I’ll check, but I think I’ve already bought/read that one:) Hope you do well :) Angie

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