April 16, 2012

Review of “The Writer’s Adventure Guide”

Posted in Book Reviews tagged , at 1:11 am by Christine Rice

The Writer’s Adventure Guide by Beth Barany is the exact guidance a writer needs to start writing and finish writing their manuscript. Barany’s voice is optimistic and encouraging, and her words make the reader want to act. The book takes the reader through all steps involved in the writing process, with adequate attention on each one. The reader will feel fulfilled and complete after reading, and will likely have something written in the process.

The Writer’s Adventure Guide begins with preparing to write. It gets the reader ready to begin writing and gives them time to reflect on important matters with being a writer, such as goals, motivations, conflicts, and strengths. Each chapter ends with “a writing spark to ignite your creativity.” The book also covers time management, writer’s block, support, “free writing,” rewards, tracking, and accountability.

The Writer’s Adventure Guide is simply that – a guide to a writing adventure. The book helps the reader tackle whatever it is they wish to write. There are assignments that encourage the reader to have a writing schedule and write towards their goal. The book can also be read without doing the assignments, for it is still an enjoyable, educational, and motivating book.

I highly recommend The Writer’s Adventure Guide to all readers that are writers, and for those who don’t consider themselves writers but simply want to complete a writing project. The book is full of motivating suggestions, expert advice, and thorough knowledge about the craft of writing and publishing.

You can find the book on Goodreads, and one of the places you can purchase it is Amazon. (FYI, I got my copy on Amazon for the kindle.)



  1. Christine, Thank you for the very nice review of my book, The Writer’s Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book. Readers can also get a free report that’s connected to the book (if even if you haven’t yet bought the book) at http://www.writersadventureguide,com. Thanks again! I’m so glad you benefitted from it!

    • Hi Beth! No problem; my review was honest, as The Writer’s Adventure Guide is a quality book – well-written and full of helpful knowledge. Thank you for writing it!

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