April 13, 2012

Review of “Something’s Coming”

Posted in Book Reviews tagged , at 11:41 pm by Christine Rice

Something’s Coming by Lisa Schuch is a paranormal romance that captures your heart and mind within the eventful twists and turns of a modern day adventure. It is a “book for all.” Teens and adults, and males and females, of all reading preferences will enjoy it.

Something’s Coming tells the story of Roxxi – an independent, female witch – meeting up with a stranger she finds on the side of the road, injured. There is more to the injured man – Dominic – than meets the eye, and we learn a lot about him and Roxxi as they get to know each other. Then, people from Roxxi’s past show up, and that leads to troublesome circumstances that Roxxi and Dominic must face and conquer.

I recommend Something’s Coming, especially to people who enjoy reading paranormal, fantasy, adventure, and romance books. Take a moment and pick up a copy of the ebook on Smashwords. You will sure enjoy the depths of Roxxi’s and Dominic’s lives, and experiencing their eventful journey together.


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