April 1, 2012

March Recap

Posted in Books, Publishing, Writing tagged , , , , , , , , , at 12:41 am by Christine Rice

Wow, March was a busy month! I am looking at my monthly work chart, so, fortunately, I can share with you the writing-related accomplishments I had in March.

  • Published fourteen blog posts between this blog and my health blog, and one guest blog post.
  • Participated in Smashwords’ yearly “read an ebook week” event in which Poetry for the Heart was free and Essays for the Soul and My Not-So-Ordinary Life were 50% off.
  • Published one press release for the Smashwords event.
  • Published three book reviews.
  • Edited two articles for a colleague.
  • Wrote 1,900 words in Freelance Writing Guide and 12,700 words in Chronicles of a Troubled Girl.

I am more than happy with what I accomplished last month, and that I was able to share these accomplishments with you along the way. It is evident that this month I was more interested in writing for Chronicles of a Troubled Girl than for Freelance Writing Guide, but at least I wrote some for the latter. Thanks for joining me on this journey as I accomplish my writing goals!


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