April 27, 2012

Review of “Write Good or Die”

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Write Good or Die by Scott Nicholson is a book for writers and for all others interested in how writers write and do business. It is a composition of essays by numerous, highly-experienced writers. The essays provide information about many writing topics: the habit of writing and the procedure of editing, traditional publishing tips and self-publishing benefits, the marketing of hardcovers and ebooks, and facts about promotion and sales. The essay topics offer a wide range of advice that applies to writers of different backgrounds.

All readers of Write Good or Die will find something they love about it. As a writer and author, I can relate closely to, and I agree with, most of the essay topics. The information in the essays is factual and realistic, and the essays are in a sensible order that flows. The writers’ voices are similar, and can nearly be mistaken for one author, so the reading experience is smooth and pleasant. However, each essay explains a clearly different topic with a unique twist, so there is much knowledge to gain.

I recommend Write Good or Die to all those interested in the craft of writing. It is a kindle book available on Amazon that is FREE, so get yourself a copy! You will learn a thing or two about being a writer, and will benefit from the information and perspectives found in the book.

April 20, 2012

Lulu Earth Day Contest!

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Hi friends :)

I could really use your support. I entered Lulu’s Earth Day Contest, which is a print book sales contest from April 18th to April 25th (yes, I’m a little late on this one too!). There are prizes for first and second place to the author who sells the most print books. The book I entered in the contest is My Not-So-Ordinary Life: An Autobiography. I’d love for you to learn about my life by reading that book. In fact, if I get first place in the contest I will raffle off the NOOK reader prize (just let me know if you bought my print book during those dates and I’ll include you in the raffle!). The link to learn more about my book, and purchase it if you’re interested, is here.

Thanks so much!


Goodreads Independent Book Blogger Award

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I’m a little late with getting this post out. April 10th through April 23rd at midnight (EST), readers can vote on Goodreads for their favorite blogs. I submitted this blog to be considered for the publishing industry blog award. There are only 3 days left of the contest. Please vote for me! Here is the link: http://www.goodreads.com/book_blogger_award/entry/596 Thanks!


April 16, 2012

Review of “The Writer’s Adventure Guide”

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The Writer’s Adventure Guide by Beth Barany is the exact guidance a writer needs to start writing and finish writing their manuscript. Barany’s voice is optimistic and encouraging, and her words make the reader want to act. The book takes the reader through all steps involved in the writing process, with adequate attention on each one. The reader will feel fulfilled and complete after reading, and will likely have something written in the process.

The Writer’s Adventure Guide begins with preparing to write. It gets the reader ready to begin writing and gives them time to reflect on important matters with being a writer, such as goals, motivations, conflicts, and strengths. Each chapter ends with “a writing spark to ignite your creativity.” The book also covers time management, writer’s block, support, “free writing,” rewards, tracking, and accountability.

The Writer’s Adventure Guide is simply that – a guide to a writing adventure. The book helps the reader tackle whatever it is they wish to write. There are assignments that encourage the reader to have a writing schedule and write towards their goal. The book can also be read without doing the assignments, for it is still an enjoyable, educational, and motivating book.

I highly recommend The Writer’s Adventure Guide to all readers that are writers, and for those who don’t consider themselves writers but simply want to complete a writing project. The book is full of motivating suggestions, expert advice, and thorough knowledge about the craft of writing and publishing.

You can find the book on Goodreads, and one of the places you can purchase it is Amazon. (FYI, I got my copy on Amazon for the kindle.)

April 13, 2012

Review of “Something’s Coming”

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Something’s Coming by Lisa Schuch is a paranormal romance that captures your heart and mind within the eventful twists and turns of a modern day adventure. It is a “book for all.” Teens and adults, and males and females, of all reading preferences will enjoy it.

Something’s Coming tells the story of Roxxi – an independent, female witch – meeting up with a stranger she finds on the side of the road, injured. There is more to the injured man – Dominic – than meets the eye, and we learn a lot about him and Roxxi as they get to know each other. Then, people from Roxxi’s past show up, and that leads to troublesome circumstances that Roxxi and Dominic must face and conquer.

I recommend Something’s Coming, especially to people who enjoy reading paranormal, fantasy, adventure, and romance books. Take a moment and pick up a copy of the ebook on Smashwords. You will sure enjoy the depths of Roxxi’s and Dominic’s lives, and experiencing their eventful journey together.

April 1, 2012

Review of “If Only”

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If Only by Lisa Schuch is a thought-provoking short story about a teenager, Holly, who gets in over her head after she gives out her phone number to someone on the Internet. Holly is a worthy person whose innocent behavior will forever haunt her.

If Only provides a valuable message to teenagers, and anyone who forms relationships with people on the Internet, that there are people in the world who are dishonest and could hurt you, so it is wise to be cautious with how you handle the Internet so that you will be safe.

If Only is well-written and captivating, and deals with a serious topic through the mode of storytelling, which successfully reaches and affects readers. I enjoyed this story and recommend it.

You can purchase If Only on Smashwords here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/129702.

March Recap

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Wow, March was a busy month! I am looking at my monthly work chart, so, fortunately, I can share with you the writing-related accomplishments I had in March.

  • Published fourteen blog posts between this blog and my health blog, and one guest blog post.
  • Participated in Smashwords’ yearly “read an ebook week” event in which Poetry for the Heart was free and Essays for the Soul and My Not-So-Ordinary Life were 50% off.
  • Published one press release for the Smashwords event.
  • Published three book reviews.
  • Edited two articles for a colleague.
  • Wrote 1,900 words in Freelance Writing Guide and 12,700 words in Chronicles of a Troubled Girl.

I am more than happy with what I accomplished last month, and that I was able to share these accomplishments with you along the way. It is evident that this month I was more interested in writing for Chronicles of a Troubled Girl than for Freelance Writing Guide, but at least I wrote some for the latter. Thanks for joining me on this journey as I accomplish my writing goals!