March 31, 2012

Review of “It’s Only Natural”

Posted in Book Reviews tagged , , at 11:51 pm by Christine Rice

It’s Only Natural by C.M. Truxler is a collection of poetry written with the theme of nature. Every poem speaks positively of the simple beauties found in rural surroundings. The poems are distinct and like short stories about various wonders of the natural world.

I smiled while reading It’s Only Natural. The words and language are flowing and poetic, and the poems reflect beauty. While reading this book of poetry I was gently guided to various parts of the world where I got to experience the beauty of life and the environment.

I recommend It’s Only Natural for its beautiful poetry, and the feeling of peace that enveloped me while reading, as well as the inner peace that I was left with afterwards. Don’t take my word for it; get yourself a copy. You will be happy you did.

You can preview and purchase It’s Only Natural here: Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu.

To find out more about C.M. Truxler you can visit her author website and her blog, Mental Illumination.


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