March 31, 2012

Review of “Infinite Exposure”

Posted in Book Reviews tagged , , at 1:53 am by Christine Rice

Infinite Exposure by Roland Hughes is an action-packed, captivating story that shares the lives and perspectives of intelligence officials, Al-Qaeda members, bank employees, and others that are all connected through the terrorism, identity theft, interrogation, conspiracy, and financial issues that occur in the world.

Infinite Exposure begins with an interrogation of a Muslim, Nedim, who is believed to be an Al-Qaeda member. The author shows the brutal intensity that goes on in an intelligence interrogation, which occurs to thousands of possible members over the course of the story. Nedim’s forced confession and cooperation allows the intelligence agency to gain knowledge about other Al-Qaeda members and their goals in India, which will end up affecting other countries as well.

Infinite Exposure also explores conspiracies in the financial sector, such as money laundering, greed, and suspicious trading and investing, and what people will do just to get to the top of a company, as well as what can happen when they do so.

There are relationships in the book, such as friends, family, coworkers, and lovers. However, many of the relationships are “twisted,” as is to be expected with a conspiracy novel. It is interesting to see how the characters interact and deal with the situations they face.

Infinite Exposure would appeal to those interested in world history, politics, and news, and those who enjoy action, adventure, and conspiracy novels that are believable, realistic, and hardcore. I recommend this book to those who are interested in going on the ride of their lives!

Purchasing information for Infinite Exposure by Roland Hughes can be found here:


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