March 28, 2012

Back to reading and writing

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It’s been almost a week since I did any reading or writing in my books. I got involved in other life activities and put my work on the back burner. I feel refreshed and ready to dive back in, and I have some catching up to do.

So, last night I dipped my toes in the water. I read about 25 pages in Infinite Exposure. I’m down to the last 70 pages and it’s really exciting. I can’t wait to finish and write the review.

Last night I also wrote nearly 1,000 words in Chronicles of a Troubled Girl. Rereading my journal entries for this book is an eye-opening experience, especially since I didn’t have an easy life emotionally. Adolescence was difficult, I have to say, but things are pretty smooth right now. However, I’m always working on something in order to try to better my life experience.

I’m looking forward to a change of pace next week because I’ll be reading some poetry. I just hope my energy and motivation to work continues.



  1. Did you feel sad when you read about your adolescence or did you feel a rush of joy that you had arrived at a better place? Please forgive me if I am being intrusive, I am just interested and will understand if you don’t wish to answer.

    • You’re not being intrusive, especially since I plan to publish this book with all the details anyway ;) Rereading my journals is difficult, because I had a lot of inner and outer turmoil back then. It has stirred up a lot of memories, so I have even been talking with my mom about it to try to resolve the pain of the past. For example, I did not understand or see everything that was going on around me at the time. The experience is also a little enlightening. Back then, I thought everything was my parents’ fault, but now I can see that I had emotional problems and was rebellious, so I did not make things easy for them either. So the rereading is both a good and bad experience, but I’ll get through it and will be able to share my experiences with others to hopefully help them gain perspective on their difficult times, or at the least, to not feel alone.

      • Thanks for sharing. It looks like it is going to be a cathartic experience for you. It is so admirable when writers want to help others by writing about their own experiences.

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