March 20, 2012

Productive day

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I didn’t sleep much last night, actually I should say this morning. I think the total was 4 1/2 hours. Regardless, I had a fabulous day! I lit candles, incense, and diffusers for a pleasant ambiance; I read for about an hour; I wrote 1,400 words in my books (some in both); and I did a load of laundry. I spent most of the day alone, because my husband was out at a cooking event and I didn’t want to go.

I felt productive and motivated all day, which was a pleasant change from the low energy days I’ve been having lately. It felt great to get both reading and writing done today. It was even nice taking care of the laundry, because the laundry room is in the basement, and I live on the third floor, so I got some exercise. Along those lines, I’ve decided I need to get out more to get more exercise. I like exercising my brain, but not my body so much ;)

Another thing that was good about today was I wrote in Freelance Writing Guide. I haven’t worked on it since the beginning of the month, because I have been working on Chronicles of a Troubled Girl instead (due to a shift in inspirational flow), so it was nice to revisit the world of freelance writing and I wrote a chapter on cover letters. Since January, I have written 21,000 words in Chronicles of a Troubled Girl and 15,000 words in Freelance Writing Guide. I do not see the end in sight yet, but I know I’ll get there!

I hope tomorrow turns out to be as good as today!



  1. Thank you for that – I think it is important that we share the lows as well as the highs. I’m glad you had a great day but also mentioned that you had felt low in energy previously. Sometimes, we can feel as if we are the only person feeling that way.

  2. With so much to do it is hard to stay motivated 100% of the time. I love those days when you just can’t seem to stop accomplishing stuff. They often end up being more enjoyable than the ones where I take it easy and relax.

    • I feel better on the days when I accomplish a lot, too. When I was a kid I was bored easily if I didn’t have constructive things to do, so as an adult I feel happier when I’m doing things.

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