February 24, 2012

The books are coming along…nicely

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Hi everyone,

I thought it would be appropriate to give you an update on the books I’m writing. I am 1/3 finished with the freelance writers book and I am 1/7 finished with the journal entries book. The second book will probably be at least twice as long as the first book. I’ve written further in it and I started it later in the year. I find it easier to write more when I’m typing and editing than when I’m writing from scratch. However, I feel prouder about the first book, because it is more challenging for me and more universally acceptable.

Even more exciting is that I have improved my working titles. I have recently come up with: New to Freelance Writing Guide: What to Expect in Your First Year and Chronicles of a Troubled Girl. I’m not ecstatic about the titles, but they are sufficient, at least for now. I definitely felt troubled growing up. I was always at odds with my parents, feeling like an adult and not wanting to listen to what they told me. I was rebellious and unique. I had negative mental health experiences and overly controlling parents, plus there was drug addiction and alcoholism in my immediate family. Throughout it all, I was trying to develop my identity and be happy.

As far as freelance writing, I have learned a lot about the field while working nearly full-time the entire year, and I am coming up on one successful year in April. I have experienced so much that I feel compelled to share what I know, while believing that it will help people have a realistic and hopeful outlook of being, or becoming, a freelance writer.

I should be finished with the two books by the end of this year. In fact, at the rate I’m going I will probably be done much sooner, and that’s exciting!



  1. Congrats! It sounds like you are doing really well.

    I found you through Writer’s Digest. I look forward to coming back.

    • Thanks, Kelly! The Writer’s Digest Community is the best. I’m glad you found me :)

  2. Gail Huntley said,

    Wow, that is exciting. My book is now with the publisher with the final edit done, so it gets more exciting as you go along. It is a lot of work but, obviously, work we enjoy. Looking forward to hearing your progress.

    • Thanks, Gail. Congrats on your book. Yes, writing a book is a lot of work, but the great reward comes at the end. I look forward to you sharing this journey with me. :)

  3. Charles A Cornell said,

    Christine… just a suggestion on wording your first book’s title. How about this…

    New to Freelance Writing? – What to Expect in Your First Year

    Ask the question, then provide the answer… buy my book!

    Charles A Cornell

    • Thanks, Charles! Honestly, I had trouble creating the title for that book. I tried to get it worded the right way while also being concise and having a subtitle (like many nonfiction books have). The question mark seems to get in the way for me, though.

  4. I like your choice of titles. I would only make one minor change on the first one. I would take off the ‘New to’ and have it just be: Freelance Writing Guide: What to Expect in Your First Year (What to expect your first year is like saying new to anyway).

    • I see your point, Katrina. However, “Freelance Writing Guide,” as the first words a person would read, may mislead some people, because only when they read the subtitle do they know that it is for beginners only. However, if I write more books on freelance writing, which is definitely possible, I could have a “freelance writing guide” series. I’m definitely open for further discussion on the titles!

  5. Sheila Hurst said,

    Just visiting from Writer’s Digest. I’m also a freelance writer and worked as a reporter for a while. Freelancing is much more fun than full-time reporting. Good luck with your books!

    • I haven’t been employed by a company in the writing industry, but you are right that freelance writing is fun! Thanks for the good luck wishes with my books.

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