February 19, 2012

Review of “The Indie Journey”

Posted in Book Reviews tagged , , , , , , , , at 2:50 pm by Christine Rice

The Indie Journey is a book for self-published authors, and for those who are interested in learning more about self-publishing and how it differs from traditional publishing. The book is very convincing that self-publishing is a better method when it comes to happiness and success, which are the main goals of taking the indie route in publishing. The author stresses that success is not based on income, but rather, the ability to follow your dreams, work from home, do what you love, and share your happiness with others through your books.

The Indie Journey provides both the pros and cons of self-publishing and traditional publishing; however, its focus is on self-publishing and it voices a preference for self-publishing. The author reveals his own projections, realistic yet astonishing, of the publishing industry in the near future (from 2011, when the book was published, to 2020). There are a lot of projections in this book, which is in-line with its message that it’s best to be flexible and go with the changes in the world, or even, to “create” the future by being unique and starting your own path.

The Indie Journey tells you that self-publishing brings authors and readers closer, by eliminating the corporate publishers, and it allows all writers to be published, which they are so entitled. The book speaks of the future of the publishing industry, which the author says will change like everything else. And the message I get from the book is that it is not correct to hold onto old-fashioned ways just because they (i.e. traditional publishers) exist, and especially if the future is moving in a different direction; rather, do what your instincts tell you, regardless if it is “accepted” or not, as the most successful people in the world start the trends, instead of follow them.

The Indie Journey will change, or reinforce, your perspective on self-publishing. It is a bargain at $2.99. You can download your kindle copy here. Happy reading!


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