February 9, 2012

Two books for 2012

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Hello all,

I want to make it official….I am writing two books right now and they will both be published in 2012. There is also a publication calendar on the right side of the page that shows a countdown for it.

The one I started first, which was in the beginning of January, is a reference book for freelance writers new to their career. It includes and explains everything I went through and more in my first year as a freelance writer, but the focus is on the reader. It’s educational, informative, and interesting. It covers everything that a freelance writer should expect in the first year of their career.

The second book, which I started at the end of January, is essentially, a compilation of all of my journal entries from age 9 to age 31. I am editing them as I type them. I am hoping that after editing again, after all the journal entries have been typed, the book will be a look into the inner workings and life adventures of a troubled, yet special, girl.

I have not named either book yet, but I will eventually, of course. So, there it is. My personal and professional goals for the year. I hope you will be here to cheer me on :)


  1. Cheer, cheer, cheer, here! :)

  2. We’ll be here, Christine! Keep on writin’!

  3. I will be among the many people to cheer you on. I look forward. Granny Gee

  4. Thank you Adelle, Fantasy, and Granny. You brought a smile to my face. I’m lucky to have you here.

  5. techrat77 said,

    I know you can do it and be successful!!!

  6. Josh said,

    I love your blog as well! Thank you for following mine!

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